Funeral Costs.

Abbey was one of the first Funeral Directors to sign up to the Fair Funeral Pledge. We recognise that funerals can be expensive and some people may struggle with the cost. We will make our most affordable funeral package visible to the public, including third party costs and we will charge clear prices for goods and services so people know what they're buying. We always communicate prices in initial conversations and prominently display full price lists in our office.

For some people the cost of the funeral is a major expense and so we are happy to discuss with you options to reduce the cost of even a basic funeral. For example many crematoria will offer a reduced price for an early morning service, or where no service takes place at their chapel.

Because the cost is made up of many different elements, with both crematoria and cemeteries having vastly different prices, it would be impossible to list here all of the possible combinations. However we can indicate the cost of a basic funeral at our most local crematorium which is at Tunbridge Wells.

The invoice for a funeral is always shown in two parts. The funeral Director's charges which are all of the services which we have provided, and third party costs known as disbursements. Disbursements are fees and charges made by other people and which we pay on your behalf, often before the funeral takes place. For that reason we ask for these disbursements to be paid as a deposit at the time you arrange the funeral. The remainder, the funeral director’s charges must be paid before the funeral.


Funeral Directors charges Correct at January 2019

  • Labour and service charge £1633.00
    • This includes collecting the deceased even when its out of hours, appropriate storage for as long as is required, all labour charges, however much time we spend with you and a proportion towards the overheads of the business.
  • Hire of our Daimler hearse £345.00
    • Provided its within the local area (Tonbridge & surrounding villages / Tunbridge Wells / Sevenoaks) there is no extra charge for leaving from a private address or travelling to the cemetery or crematorium via a place of worship.
  • Simple oak veneered coffin £415.00

Total Funeral Director’s charges £2393.00

These charges remain the same for any funeral which is completely carried out within a 10 mile radius of Tonbridge. This basic simple funeral can be enhanced with other services such as following cars, facilities for visiting the deceased and more ornate coffins and caskets. Our comprehensive price list which covers additional services is shown below.

Third Party Costs or Disbursements. Correct at January 2019

These will depend on where the burial or cremation takes place. A guide to the most common third party costs are below and should be added to the funeral director's costs for the total price of the funeral.

  • Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Crematorium fee, including burial of remains in the gardens and the medical referee’s charge. ONLY FOR SERVICES AT 9am, 9.30am, 4pm and 4.30pm are for half an hour slots and cost £607. *See below for later times.
  • Doctor’s cremation certificates payable to GP practice or hospital £164.00
  • Minister or celebrant: Paid to the individual or to the church £200 to £210

Funeral Directors have no control over these third party costs which generally rise each year and often above the level of inflation. Any increases in our fees are always inflationary only to reflect the increased costs we face as a business and to ensure that every member of our staff is paid a living wage as a minimum.

*Tunbridge Wells Crematorium bookings between 10am and 3.15pm are for 45 minutes services at a fee of £747



For a variety of reasons, some religious, some financial, it is not unusual for a family to choose not to have a funeral service at all. Instead they select a direct cremation alternative to a funeral. In this case we will collect the deceased from a local address during normal working hours, provide a simple coffin which we will then transport to the local crematorium and take directly to the cremator.

Because we are not using our expensive Daimler hearse, but our private ambulance and because there is much less staff time involved we are able to reduce our professional charges. The crematorium fee for an early morning direct to cremator service , medical referee, cardboard container for the remains, Doctors cremation certificates and a simple coffin are all included in the fee of £2251

There are many online companies offering a similar direct cremation service, but you should be aware that some do not have suitable premises in which to keep your loved one in the days between collection and cremation. We guarantee that your loved one will be kept in an appropriately refrigerated area and be afforded the same care and dignity as anyone having a full funeral service.

Please note that this service applies only to cremations and not burials, and an additional charge will have to be made if the deceased is moved outside of our normal working hours. i.e. between 5pm and 8.30am, weekends and bank holidays. No additions to this service can be made.

Full Price List:

Moving the deceased into our care.

Local in hours Included in Labour charge (Tonbridge & surrounding villages / Tunbridge Wells / Sevenoaks)

Local, out of hours ,weekends and bank holidays there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

All Others, Price on request


Local £345.00 (Tonbridge & surrounding villages / Tunbridge Wells / Sevenoaks)

Out of area Price on request


Local £245.00 (Tonbridge & surrounding villages / Tunbridge Wells / Sevenoaks)

Out of area Price on request


Local £145.00 (Tonbridge & surrounding villages / Tunbridge Wells / Sevenoaks)

Out of area Price on request

Use of child car seat (9 months – 4 yrs only) No charge

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CHARGE - This charge covers our staff ime and a proportion towards our overheads.

Funeral Service at local venue £1633.00

Vinters Park/Worth/Charring/Medway All Plus £150.00

South London, London & South Coast areas All Plus £250.00


Embalming, Dressing & Preparation for viewing £195.00

Dressing & Preparation for viewing (no embalming) £125.00

Coffin into Church prior to service (inc staff & vehicle) £165.00

Coffin to home prior to service (inc Staff, Vehicle And Risk Assessment) £206.00

Delivery of funeral flowers Tonbridge area only No charge

Delivery of funeral flowers other areas: Price on request

Arranging Interment of Ashes £126.00

Transporting Deceased to Doctor for certification £110.00

Private chapel use £50.00 per hour


FROM £ 415.00


FROM £ 675.00


18” £48.

36” £67.00


We have an extensive range of Keepsakes, Miniatures and other memorial items. please enquire in our office for prices


Child Aged 0 -10 years at cost price

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