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We pride ourselves at Abbey Funeral Services in ensuring that your funeral arrangements are handled with care and dignity. After starting our family-run funeral planning service in 1983, we are now one of the most established funeral directors in Paddock Wood offering funerals, cremations, and funeral planning.

We also cover funeral services in:

We can ensure that we have the capacity and knowledge to arrange all your funeral service wishes and needs thanks to 40 years of experience. Our service is personal and fully tailored to the needs of our customers, and their loved ones.

Abbey Funeral Services is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, and we are a member of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. We work to a recognised code of practice, ensuring you get only the highest quality service from us.

Our services go beyond arranging and organising funerals. We administer Friends Together, a local West Kent Charity. Through this organisation, we provide grief therapists to help mourning individuals of all ages in Paddock Wood overcome their traumatic loss. We support families of the deceased by guiding them through the bereavement process.

Cremations Paddock Wood

Our Cremation Services for Paddock Wood

With each passing year, more people are opting for cremation over a conventional burial. This is due to the ceremony's several advantages over traditional funerals:

  • The ashes can be shared

Many families that choose cremation distribute their loved one's ashes among themselves. This allows family members from outside of the Paddock Wood area to pay their respects without having to visit the gravesite.

  • The ashes are portable

The cremated remains of you or your loved one can be transported anywhere in the world. Many people leave instructions about where their ashes should be spread. With cremation, you may carry out your loved one's final wish, or have your ashes spread in a place significant to your heart.

  • Cremation allows for creative ceremonies

A funeral service may be held in a variety of ways, and you may not want to stick to the traditional ones. Your ashes, or the ashes of a loved one, can be utilised to make art or jewellery when you cremate with Abbey Funeral Services. Life beyond death can be maintained this way through the creation of beautiful artefacts.

  • Cremations are more effective than traditional burials

The expenses of funerals can quickly increase due to caskets, coffins, embalming, burial vaults, and headstones. All of these can be avoided with cremation in exchange for a beautiful urn.

  • Cremations are more environmentally friendly

Chemicals from the embalming process seep into the earth after burial, and the wood used to make caskets and coffins utilises nearly 4 million acres of forest each year. Cremation eliminates all of these negative effects on the environment. Consider our green funeral service if you want the most eco-friendly funeral service available.

Green Funerals Paddock Wood

Green (Eco-friendly) Funerals in Paddock Wood

Green funerals are a lovely and wholesome way to say goodbye to a loved one. Simpleness and environmental sustainability are emphasised in the eco-friendly funeral ceremony. The body is not burned or embalmed in any way. Rather, it is encased in a biodegradable coffin or shroud and laid to rest without being buried in a concrete vault. This allows the cemetery site to revert to its natural state.

Green funerals are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many reasons:

  • Conserving natural resources

Burials in the traditional way consume a lot of resources. Every year, 10,000 tonnes of wood, steel, copper, and iron are used to make caskets and coffins in the United Kingdom. In addition, the burial vaults require over a million tonnes of concrete each year. Green funerals eliminate the need for all of these materials, which is a big reason why they're environmentally friendly.

  • Preserving natural areas

Natural areas benefit greatly from green funerals. The burial places contribute to the restoration or conservation of a natural environment by providing food and refuge for birds and other animals. Green funerals also help native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers grow happily and healthily. In the most environmentally conscious green funerals, fertiliser, pesticides, and herbicides are not used. A green cemetery can play an important role in environmental protection.

  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals

Many people consider forgoing embalming as the most important aspect of green funerals. That’s because embalming fluid contains a lot of formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen and can contaminate and degrade the environment.

  • Lower costs

Green burials avoid expensive ornate caskets or coffins and burial vaults. Because of this, the price of green funerals can be more than £1,000 cheaper than their conventional counterparts. Through this, green funerals can help your financial stability, not just the environment.

  • Simplicity

Green funerals are also appealing because of their simplicity. People like their minimalism; the concept of burying a loved one in a plain, unadorned casket could provide comfort. The simplicity of green funerals brings an air of elegance to them.

Our green funerals are an excellent way to make a burial more ecologically friendly. You can help the loss of a loved one bring new life to nature by participating in this funeral service.

Funeral Plans Paddock Wood

Funeral Planning Services in Paddock Wood

At Abbey Funeral Services, we partner with Ecclesiastical Planning Services to ensure your funeral is handled with the proper care needed. You can choose one of four funeral plans if you’d like:

  • The Abbey Unattended Funeral Plan
  • The Abbey Simple Plan
  • The Abbey Traditional Plan
  • The Abbey Traditional Plus Plan

Many people prefer our funeral plans to creating a custom funeral service with us. They hold two main benefits, which are:


1. Consideration for loved ones

Your thoughtfulness will alleviate your mourning family of the financial burden and any concerns they may have regarding your funeral arrangements at a difficult time. You also have the assurance that the preparations you specify, such as the style of funeral, the location, the music, the readings, and even the flowers, will be carried out just as you like. Planning ahead brings peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

2. Financial security

One of the primary reasons we advise you to purchase one of our funeral plans is that they give excellent financial protection for your money. For added peace of mind, all plan funds are maintained in whole life assurance policies. The prices of custom funerals tend to stack up quickly. You can avoid these unforeseen fees with our funeral plans.


Abbey Funeral Services in Paddock Wood

With over 10 churches in and around the Paddock Wood area, we can organise a funeral in a number of places dear to your heart. Paddock Wood’s most beautiful churches, and our recommendations, are:

  • Justus Roman Catholic Church
  • Andrew’s Church

If you practise a religion outside of Christianity or would prefer not to have your funeral in a church, Abbey Funeral Services is happy to accommodate your needs. Please let us know and we’ll plan accordingly.